The Point of Balance




Consult your toes to know more about your life's purpose!

What can you learn from a Toe Reading?


YOU can learn about the root causes of the patterns in your life. Discover clues from your toes about how to shift your life. And, you will have so much fun in the process!


Each toe tells a different story of your life!
  • Big toe-known as the Ether toe or destiny toe
  • Second toe-known as the Air toe or communication toe
  • Third toe-known as the Fire toe or get it done toe
  • Fourth toe-known as the Water toe or relationship toe
  • Pinky toe-known as the Earth toe or trust and abundance toe



Order a Toe Reading Today!



  $90 for 45 minute audio reading



 $60 for a 20 minute audio reading

Gift Certificates available



Send a picture of your toes and I will send you an audio reading of what I see. 


Please take a close up picture of your toes. Stand with your bare feet flat against the ground. Try to get both feet in the same picture. The goal of the photograph is to capture the tips of your toes and the way your toes share space with each other.


$90 - 45 minute audio Toe Reading
$60 - 20 minute audio Toe Reading

Host a Toe Reading Party! ONLINE!

Details coming soon! If you cannot wait to host a party, email me at right away and we will create a personalize party for you!

Toe Reading Party


  • Planning a girl’s night or a birthday party?
  • A Baby or Wedding Shower?
  • A couple’s party?
  • A corporate event?

Book a Toe Reading party for a unique way to celebrate your event.

Host the party and receive a FREE audio 10 Toe Reading for yourself!

Each participant will receive a one-on-one mini or full toe reading!
(depending on package chosen)

 (In home parties offered in the Washington DC area. No additional charge for up to 20 miles from Fairfax, VA)

Host a Toe Reading party via the internet!

Gather your friends and family from around the world or the neighborhood to experience a Toe Reading!


How does an ONLINE Toe Reading party work?

With the use of Google+, Skype, or other internet video connection, we can all participate in the party.

Why host a party?

Some great reasons to host a Toe Reading party include offering your family and friends a chance to learn more about themselves, wonderful way to have fun together, or to enhance your understanding of each other.

Who can attend?

Anyone interested in learning more about themselves, an internet connection, and webcam. Other options are available at additional costs.

How much does it cost?

Toe Reading party and an audio Full Toe Reading
Toe Reading basics, mini Toe Reading, and an audio Full Toe Reading included
Audio Full 10 Toe Reading emailed directly to the person within an agreed upon time frame after the party. The audio reading is theirs to download and save.

10-12 people = $89/person
8-9 people=$99/person
Party with mini-Toe Readings
Includes Toe Reading basics and a mini-Toe Reading
MiniToe Readings defined as up to 10 minutes of information shared or one toe depending on amount of people and time.

10-12 people = $55/person

8-9 people=$65/person

5-7 people=$74/person  

If you would like to have a smaller more intimate gathering, please email me for additional price information. Larger groups are welcomed too! Please email me with your needs and I would be honored to create a Toe Reading party package just for you(  Custom parties are welcomed. The above prices are for a standard party including an introduction to Toe Reading!




Choices include PayPal, Cash, and Check

All prices are listed in USD




Learn to Read Toes

Private lessons are available to learn the art of Toe Reading are available upon request.
Public group classes are scheduled offered on the "Classes" tab!

Email me to schedule your toe reading